Roofing Repair In Colorado With Atlas Roofing

If your roof has sustained minor damage or if you notice leaks but your roof isn’t very old, then it’s time to call Atlas Roofing to come out and fix your roof.  You can count on Atlas to assess the damage and deliver a permanent fix. Work is guaranteed and team members take pride in the workmanship they consistently provide.

Atlas Fixes Roofs Of All Types

In the 30 years of roofing Northern Colorado homes, Atlas has done it all. And seen it all!

They’ve seen roof materials dramatically improve, but be installed using dubious techniques by hailstorm chasers… giving the once-proud industry a decided black eye!

No matter what happened to your roof, Atlas can provide a long-lasting and cost-effective fix.  Just give us a call.  Atlas is also available for emergency roofing repair in Northern Colorado.

The Roofing Repair Process

The roofing repair process starts with a comprehensive inspection.  In order to best fix the roof we need to know exactly what the problem is.  Is it the flashing?  Are there shingles that need replacing?  Why did the roof sustain this damage?  Where’s the root of the problem?

With knowledge come solutions. Atlas carefully plans the repair approach. They match materials so that your roof looks consistent across the wide surfaces and so it lasts like new.  They remove whatever it is that caused the problems in the first place… and install solid remedies.

Problems related to flashing and gutters are the most common, followed by drainage issues on flat roofs.  Regardless, they make sure you’ve got a lasting repair job before they leave your street! After all, these folks are LOCAL. They live here and they’re going to see you at Whole Foods or Sunflower Market someday soon.

Hail Damage

We all know that Colorado can get some pretty extreme weather.  And Northern Colorado really gets hammered. Hail damage is something that Atlas sees quite often and they’ve developed an efficient way of dealing with it. If your roof has sustained hail andor wind damage, get in touch with Atlas as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

Often our customers are surprised to find out that a vast majority of repair jobs are able to be finished in the same day they are started.  No, you won’t have to move out of your house, and no, we won’t be in your yard for weeks!  Unless it’s a VERY large job, our crew is big enough to take care of it that day.