Should I have my roof inspected?

Yes. Roofs require maintenance over the life of the roof. Periodic inspections of your roof can minimize costly repairs and prevent hidden water damage to your home.   After all, your roof protects your home and all of your personal keepsakes and possessions from water damage.

How often should I inspect my roof?

Every two years is a good rule of thumb.  Waiting longer than two years can lead to larger repair costs.

Who should inspect my roof?

A roofing contractor is best for inspecting roofs.  They have years of experience observing problems from the rooftop and are familiar with the damage that is caused by neglecting a roof.

How can I determine if my roof is in need of repair or replacement?

A roofing contractor is best for this.  By inspecting your roof, a roofing contractor can estimate the cost to repair your roof, determine the remaining service life or your roof, and estimate the replacement cost of your roof.  This way you can make an informed decision to repair or replace your roof.

If my roof is in need of repair, can I repair it myself?

Of course you can.  But you must be prepared with the proper ladder, safety equipment, roofing tools, the matching materials, and the know-how to make a proper repair. If you don’t have all of these items, it may be best to call a roofing contractor.

How long should my roof last?

An asphalt shingle roof typically lasts 15-20 years.  Same for a cedar shake roofs. Then they are ready for replacement.  Metal roofs and tile roofs last decades longer.

How do I find a roofing contractor?

Traditionally, homeowners would refer to the telephone yellow pages.  This could easily lead to trouble for you.  Anyone can advertise in the yellow pages.  So how do you know if they are competent and reliable?  The very best way to find a good roofing contractor is to ask around.  Ask your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever hired a roofing contractor and if they had a good experience (or not).  Check with your local Better Business Bureau.  Contact your insurance agent.  Your insurance agent will likely know the names of the good roofing contractors in your community.  Do your homework.  Good roofing contractors are hard to find.

Should I give a roofing contractor a deposit before they start the work?

It depends.  Have you done your homework?  If not, then absolutely not. Remember, good roofing contractors are hard to find. If you haven’t done your homework, chances are you are not working with a good roofing contractor.  If you have done your homework and you are confident you are working with a reputable roofing contractor, then a deposit is customary and very much appreciated.

Is contractor insurance important?

Absolutely.  Contractors must have three kinds of insurance before you let them on your property to perform any work.  The three kinds are:

  • Automobile Liability Insurance to cover any property damage their vehicles may cause while working on your home.
  • General Liability Insurance to cover any collateral damage to your home due to human error or worse, outright negligence by the roofing contractor.  This includes starting a fire in your home.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This insurance protects you the homeowner against expensive claims for medical expenses and lost income for a worker injured while working on your home.  The injuries can be anything from minor cuts requiring stitches to career ending injuries or even the death of a roofer.  These claims can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Roofing is a high risk business.  Insurance is very important for your protection.