Roof Care

Take Care Of Your Home From The Top Down

You take pride in the inside of your home. The floors and the furniture. The newly renovated kitchen. The lovely walls, and the paintings hanging on them. We all do. But sometimes we forget that it’s the roof keeping all of this in good condition.

Think of your roof as the shield that protects your house from Mother Nature’s whims. And take good care of it, because without the shield, Mother Nature asserts her power quickly! Just a few routine maintenance checks and simple repairs can keep your roof in tiptop shape.

Recommended Roof Maintenance

Atlas recommends that you inspect your roof twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring.

This way your inspection can also coincide with cleaning out your gutters, which also needs to happen in fall and spring. You can inspect your roof using binoculars from the ground, or you can go on the roof. Walking on your roof can actually damage it, so don’t think that using binoculars is the lazy way. You can also call Atlas Roofing to do a 17-point inspection of your roof. They will give you a detailed report on the findings and offer to complete any necessary repairs.

  • Check for missing, broken, or curling shingles and shakes. You can repair these by either re-nailing if the shingle is still in good shape, or replacing the shingle, tile or shake. There should be some materials left over from the roof installation.
  • Check the flashings. The flashing is the roof cover around the joints in your roof that connect the roof to the chimney or any vents and skylights. Flashing is where 90% of roof leaks occur.
  • Clean your gutters. You should remove any debris from your gutters both in the fall after the leaves have come down and in the spring when the gutter is full of seedpods.
  • Trim surrounding vegetation. Take a look around the house and see if any vegetation is touching the roof. If so, then it is important to trim it back. Remember that wind can bend branches quite a distance, so even if a branch isn’t touching, if it’s within reach then it can potentially damage your roof.

Taking care of your roof might seem trivial if there are no leaks in the house, but leaks can happen at any time and the best way to deal with them is to prevent them! The time to deal with roof damage is not after you have a puddle of water in the living room.

See roof tips for more advice about extending your roof’s life.