Insurance Claims

You insure your home for peace of mind. You take comfort in knowing that should you experience a catastrophic loss, like roof damage caused by an act of nature such as a lightning strike, windstorm or hailstorm, your insurance company will support you in putting your home back together.

However, dealing with your insurance company on a claim is not something you do every day. You may have not ever filed a claim before. The process can seem complex and slightly overwhelming, not really knowing what you should do first! There is a lot to do to process a claim and to be sure things go smoothly. That’s where Atlas Roofing can be of assistance to you. As roofing contractors, we are experienced in the insurance claim process. We work with all insurance companies, and enjoy an excellent reputation, based on our years of straightforward and honest approach to doing business.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof after a recent storm, contact Atlas Roofing for a no-obligation inspection. We can help!