Yikes! Home improvement project are expensive! Adding a deck, installing replacement windows, remodeling a kitchen or bath, and yes, even replacing the roof on your home are all expensive propositions.

How will you pay for your new roof?

If you have the money saved up, congratulations are in order! Often times however, homeowners are unaware of what their new roof will cost and come up short on their roofing budget. Now what will you do?

Don’t despair; financing your roofing project is certainly an option for you. You may choose to finance all, or maybe only part of your roofing project. Even if you have enough saved up for your new roof, you may want to hold onto your savings for a rainy day, or a vacation! Whatever your situation, we can assist you with financing your roofing project. We don’t get in the middle of your financial life. We simply introduce you to our financing friends and they take it from there. The approval process is straightforward and simple! Our friends will discuss the financing options available to you so you can decide what the best plan is for you.

The best part is most of these financing options are not attached to your home. That is, they are not a second mortgage, or a home equity line of credit. They are consumer loans, just like when you buy new living room furniture on a payment plan. Contact Atlas Roofing if you would like to learn more about the convenient financing options available to you.