It’s a Matter of Trust

Don’t let a drive by roofing company get anywhere near the roof on your home. They may do more harm than good! Likewise, light construction and remodeling shouldn’t be left to a lightweight!

Atlas Roofing is an established, highly professional service company with a dedicated and time-tested crew, a full time project manager and over a quarter century of experience.

The difference is night and day.

Trusted Since the Eighties

Since its start back in 1985, Atlas has been the contractor that Northern Colorado trusts to provide high quality residential roofing and remodeling at a reasonable price.

Clients come to Atlas because they are looking for open communication, reliable service, enduring results and competitive prices.

Atlas Roofing  – A History Of Quality

With an A+ standing at the Better Business Bureau and a long roster of enthusiastic referrals, you can be sure that Atlas has a reputation as a reliable contractor.  With every estimate come many testimonials, so you can talk to previous clients and get a sense of the firm’s high quality of workmanship and great customer service.

Ahead of the Times

In the 30 years Atlas has been replacing roofs and doing home improvements, the industry has changed.  Now empowered clients are more educated, ask a lot more informed questions and demand quality service and workmanship.  Atlas couldn’t be happier.  The more questions their keen clients ask, the harder it is for unreliable, disreputable, fly-by-night contractors to do shoddy work around Northern Colorado.  Remember: if you go with the lowest estimate, you often get what you pay for, and sometimes even less!

The Atlas Roofing Philosophy

Ethical Business Practices

  • Atlas built its reputation because we always put long-term reputation over short-term profitability.
  • Atlas believes in treating its workers fairly in order to build a stronger community.  That’s why we have an educated, trained, and properly insured work force.  We know that having a happy staff and support crew means better business, better roofing projects, and better communities.
  • We follow manufacturer’s specifications to a tee so that your roof or deck is guaranteed for years . . .  even decades.  

Client Education & Customer Service

  • Atlas seeks to educate clients about their options in order to protect them from making costly mistakes.  We encourage our clients to compare specs and terms in order to be sure that they are making the right decision.
  • We are constantly staying abreast of new developments in the roofing and remodeling industries.  We take pride in our well-trained work force and that means investing in education and training for our team.
  • We believe in non-jargon communication.  We know that talking to contractors about what they’re doing can be intimidating if you haven’t a CLUE about what they’re saying! We level the playing field and explain what we’re doing in language you can understand. “We will never talk over your head!”

Superior Craftsmanship

  • Each residential roof replacement or home or room remodel is one that we would be satisfied to do on our own home!
  • Our commitment to quality workmanship means that we go out of our way to protect your home and property during the process.  We will leave a work site exactly as it was when we arrived!
  • To us, superior workmanship also means punctual work and time frames that we can meet. 

Efficient Practices

  • At Atlas, we take efficiency seriously.  We make sure our business tasks are efficient so we don’t get bogged down in paperwork.  This also enables us to respond to roofing and remodeling needs quickly. We were into ‘lean principles’ from the beginning.
  • Atlas also prides itself in being an efficient business environmentally. We stay abreast of developments in green roofing and remodeling practices and we implement them whenever possible.  We also offer clients options to use recycled materials wherever possible and don’t hesitate to suggest them. 

Our Community

Atlas Roofing believes in building a strong community in Northern Colorado.  We take pride in our area and hope that our clients will support us in our community outreach initiatives.  Here are some of the charities and organizations that we’ve supported.

Call us when you want to have an expert, reliable work crew in your home. One that can be trusted to see your vision through and to be thorough in their on site performance. Without question!